Welcome to my Mission Year Blog!

IMG_0248Hello Friends! You’ve arrived at my Mission Year Blog: a place for friends, family and supporters to find more information about Mission Year, read my weekly reflections and see fundraising updates.

As of September 6th, I have officially begun my Mission Year in Houston, TX! My housemates and I will participate in a “Technology Fast” in hopes of focusing solely on each other and our neighbors for the first 7 weeks of the program. I will be posting about my experience thus far here on the blog once a week, every Friday – our Sabbath day.

Please “follow” this blog and every post made will be sent directly to your email inbox. It will make keeping up with my Mission Year endeavors simple and easy! You can do this by clicking the “Follow” button on the right menu bar and filling out your information. To view previous posts, please search for them by month under the “Check Out All My Posts” section or search by topic (Mission Musings, Supporter Spotlight, Financial Findings) with the “Categories” section.

Also, please be sure to check out my other blog, StephSense. Here you can find content related to my spoken word poetry, spiritual contemplations and other meaningful wanderings. I hope this Mission Year blog allows you to feel invited into this unbelievably exciting opportunity! None of this would be possible without the support of those who have invested in me. Thank you for all of you love and encouragement. ENJOY!


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